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Formed in 2001, we have grown into the UK’s largest independent provider, with 60,000 direct customers, 1,700 partners, 4,000 employees, and 35+ locations nationwide.

Daisy Worldwide has operated within the international voice market since inception and has forged strategic vendor partnerships that partner with us to provide solutions to the wholesale market serving major global PTOs as well as the reseller community.

Speak to daisy Worldwide about sourcing all your wholesale minutes from the largest portfolio of originations with exceptional service levels.


Big enough to cope, yet small enough to care, we are one of the UK’s leading business communications and IT service providers.

We also work through System Integrators, Telecoms Operators and Value Added Resellers to help them manage their enterprise customers’ needs.

Not many can match our breadth of offering, technical expertise and our passion for customer service. But, most importantly, no-one can match our understanding of your market and your challenges.

Global IP Network

We provide a variety of connectivity options from our Global IP Network ranging from simple TDM termination to dedicated internet access solutions (SIP, private and public IP) and managed MPLS services.

This will provide you with a tailored, business-grade, ‘always on’ connection. For larger wholesale opportunities we can provide dedicated interconnected access into our network direct from your platforms.


We complete your portfolio for international presence with our market leading breadth of access originations spanning 160 global destinations. Our high quality products deliver International Toll Free or local access DIDs, all backed by a 24/7 service to ensure you can deliver the best coverage for your end users that are always connected.

We are the international division serving the wholesale voice market in EMEA, APAC and the USA so call us today to find out how we can deliver international voice services to your carrier business.

Buying Power

Delivering over 3 billion minutes of inbound voice services per annum and terminating 8 million calls globally per month, we are the recognised purchaser at scale within the industry meaning you have access to the most competitive cost base to maximise efficiencies in your voice and data spend.

Speak to us today about our vendor consolidation service and leverage your purchasing power to one supplier to maximise cost efficiency.

Market Leader

We are the market leaders in inbound voice and connectivity solutions serving a wide range of operators, enterprises and direct clients globally.

Whether your end user requirements are from contact centre applications, Cloud Communication APIs or simply a means for your enterprise customers to provide access, we are experienced in the wholesale market serving major global PTOs as well as the reseller community.

Customer Focused

Our customer is at the heart of what we do.

Driven. Accountable. Innovative. Successful. Yours.

The Daisy values underpin everything we do for our customers.


The Daisy Worldwide Provisioning Portal is intuitive, easy to navigate and provides access 24/7 so you can manage your ITFS, DID, IDD and virtual mobile numbers whenever and wherever you are. It’s quick and easy to request a new number with access to one of the largest origination lists in the industry – 140 ITFS and 106 DID originations.

Find out how you can leverage our wholesale international portfolio to deliver immediate solutions and grow your retail revenues.

Network Managment

Behind the scenes our team have access to multiple metrics and diagnostic tools so we can closely monitor every aspect of the quality of service we’re delivering.

We can see real time reports of inbound calls to our network and even generate trace files for individual calls. This means we can proactively identify any problems and remedy faults before any tickets are raised.

Quality and Testing

We recognise the importance of call quality and know how crucial it is for your customers to be able to maximise end user experience for their business, contact centres and applications.

That’s why we have the systems in place to run rigorous tests on each number, so you don’t have to. These tests are continuous, even for numbers from far afield locations.

Find out why more and more service providers globally are utilising Daisy Worldwide’s quality management across our network to serve their international wholesale inbound voice requirements.

Tier 1 Partners

Quality, sustainability and value. We only allow Tier 1 partners to access our network and are rigorous in our diligence for chosen vendor partnerships.

We recognise that in life quality for your voice and data access is paramount to your customer’s experience, your reputation and the impact to your trading performance, we will not compromise at the expense of these factors.

Regulatory Compliance

Daisy ensure that the Group is compliant with all regulatory requirements for its industry as well as internally recognised ISO standards.

We fulfil these requirements by training, monitoring and auditing while continually updating our policies and processes to ensure they reflect changes in legislation.

Our breadth of portfolio and understanding of local regulations for international numbering ensure that we deliver sustainable, legal international solutions from a single vendor.

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