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The Daisy Worldwide Leadership Team

Mark Duckmanton

Managing Director

A highly successful Director born from a career in sales, with vast experience serving the international Telecoms marketplace. Mark is a strong believer in treating each opportunity as an individual case and through applying focus to our customers’ requirements he empowers his organisation to provide the best-possible solutions and in life experience for both direct clients and strategic partners. From initial consultation and point of sale through to the day to day end user experience Mark’s ambition is to achieve Daisy Worldwide’s mutual business goals and ultimately drive further growth in its market sector.

Steve Dobson

Operations Director

An experienced member of the operational team who has aided the development of Daisy Worldwide on our next step of evolution within the telecoms marketplace. Steve believes in continued advancement to make Daisy Worldwide the best suited partner for our customers in delivering a truly global Telecoms environment. By listening to Daisy customers and constantly monitoring competitors, he believes that Daisy Worldwide are always ‘Number One’ for service and solutions. As a team, Steve and his team offer the best, quickest and efficient delivery of services through thorough investigations and knowledge of each individual situation at hand – this could be the delivery of networks or customer system integrations.

Stuart Morten

Finance Director

With nearly 25 years of finance experience in the UK and overseas, including 15 years of specific telecoms and IT experience, across a number of markets and products, Stuart’s key aim, alongside ensuring financial robustness and stability, is assisting the business in serving customers’ needs as quickly and effectively as possible.  With a rapidly evolving world, the team believes Daisy Worldwide offerss innovative solutions and exceptional service, while remaining cost effective to the customer.

Hayley Duckmanton

Commercial Director

Hayley’s career has evolved from a foundation of Customer Service, Business Development and Sales based roles. This experience and natural customer focus underpins all areas of Daisy Worldwide’s varied Commercial function that includes supplier and cost base management, business analytics, portfolio development, commercial bid management, regulatory compliance and legal matters. Commercial creativity and flexibility form the foundation of the organisation’s proposition, ensuring Daisy Worldwide are always sourcing a superior product at the most competitive price.

The Daisy Worldwide Sales Leadership Team

Harry Doyle

International Sales Director

Harry brings a wealth of industry experience, successfully holding a number of International Management positions and Business Development roles prior to joining Daisy Worldwide in 2016. Having worked in the Global Carrier marketplace, providing Wholesale, Enterprise and Wireless Services, Harry believes it is communication and collaboration services that truly empower businesses and bring customers and suppliers closer together – digital transformation allows customers to innovate and create new opportunities regardless of their size or market.

Gerry O’Connell

International Sales

With an abundance of experience in the European Telecoms industry, Gerry knows that it is imperative to focus on the customer needs and have a full understanding of the business so that opportunities that may otherwise be missed, can be developed. Gerry believes that very often ‘thinking outside the box’ is a helpful maxim in addressing any solution. Keeping a close eye on the detail and follow through has always provided the key to success and a better customer relationship that achieves Daisy Worldwide’s goals and objectives.

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