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Global-VoiceGlobal Voice.

Daisy Worldwide offers an unparalleled portfolio of International Toll Free and Local Access products from over 160 originations globally, enabling you to attract inbound enquiries to enhance sales opportunities, or provide customer support lines.

These numbers are popular with customers and efficient in cost. Our UK Geographic, UK Freephone and UK Revenue Share options are ideal for marketing campaigns or managing high volume telephone numbers, with friendly portals that allow you to monitor and report on all inbound call activity.

Our Global Voice portfolio also includes outbound call and line rental services. Utilising Tier 1 carriers only, call traffic is routed to our preferred providers where our combined wholesale purchasing power translates into material cost savings against our competitors. Optional Enhanced Care Levels ensure that your business stays connected.

International Toll Free Service (“ITFS”)

ITFS number is a toll free inbound telephone number from an international location that allows individuals to make a call free of charge. This is a cost-effective way to connect with clients in countries where you don’t have a physical presence. The number is billed for the call received instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber.

Local Access Service (“DID”)

DID is an international dedicated telephone local city number that brings a caller into the client’s environment from an international location. Customers can make a local call, yet connect to the service anywhere in the world. The business pays to bring the call into the UK so the caller only pays for a national call.

IDD International Direct Dialling (“IDD”)

IDD is an international calling service is a cost-effective solution that allows the customers to place international telephone calls directly with high voice quality, reliable connection and worldwide coverage.

Virtual Mobile

Daisy Worldwide’s virtual mobile numbers allow you to call and send SMS messages from national and international operators. Calls and SMS messages are routed to a DDI of your choice in transparent way for the sender.

The virtual number can terminate to any number, anywhere in world and the call recipient will recognise it as a local, in country mobile number.

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To find out more about how Daisy Worldwide could help your business connect, call 0333 006 6332 or email worldwidesales@daisygroup.com

Why Daisy Global Voice?
  • Simple and cost-effective packages
  • National and international presence
  • Increase customer response and interaction by using inbound numbers
  • Advertise out of area numbers and deliver to their office / mobile
  • Easy of management with online call reporting and online routing management
  • Improve business continuity options

 ITFS – International Toll Free Service

 Local Access – Caller pays

North America

North America ITFS and local access available in Canada, United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America etc.


ITFS and local access available in most EU countries.

Asia & Middle East

ITFS and local access available in China, Russia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Israel, Malaysia, UAE etc.

South America

ITFS and local access available in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela etc.


ITFS and local access available in Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Senegal, Egypt, South Africa, Madagascar etc.


ITFS and local access available in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji etc.