Gerry O'Connell

With over 20 years’ experience in the international Telecommunications industry, Gerry is the latest addition to the Daisy Worldwide team to deliver their market leading portfolio of international voice services. He has a creative approach and aptitude to think outside the box without ever losing sight of the customer’s expectation and their end users experience. These attributes make Gerry the ideal person to deliver Daisy Worldwide’s existing values.

Gerry is delighted to be joining Daisy Worldwide, immediately recognising a likeness of minds with the Management Team with their honest and open approach to business.

Another factor leveraging Gerry’s decision to join the team is the remarkable success and growth of the Daisy Group. Formed in 2001, Daisy has grown into the UK’s 4th placed telecoms provider, with 60,000 direct customers, 1,700 partners, 4,000 employees, and 35+ locations nationwide.

The ambitions of growth doesn’t end there for Daisy and Gerry is looking forward to having the opportunity to be part of the expansion of their already huge breadth of portfolio taking the proven model of proposition of delivering coverage, quality and commercials into new and old  international customers.

One of Gerry’s many attributes that making him the perfect fit within the Daisy Worldwide team, is his genuine desire to put the customer first. His ambition is to grow the customer, amplify their reputation and transform their fortunes correlates effortlessly with Daisy’s values. Divisionally, Daisy Worldwide proudly stand as the market leaders in global inbound voice and connectivity and leverage this stature and scale to optimise their wholesale offering while maintaining the customer at the heart of all that they do.

Gerry recognises that not many can match Daisy’s scope of offering, technical expertise and passion for customer service.

Building on the historic success and reputation that has led Daisy Worldwide to delivering over 3 billion minutes of international voice annually, Gerry will bolster the sales led partnership approach in the wholesale market at both a carrier and reseller level driving further growth for the industry.


3 questions answered in 2 minutes…


Do you see the shift to convergence in the international market as a threat to traditional voice services?

Absolutely not. Technology in Telecommunications is contributing to changes in economic infrastructures, competitiveness and trade relations. The biggest transformation is on how businesses connect and sell to customers via online channels. It means developing around these tools to sell and deliver services, to remain current in customers’ minds as well as help prospective ones finding new companies to do business with.

As a UK based business, do you foresee barriers in the drive to grow the international portfolio?

Accelerating technological developments in Telecommunications are changing the rules around international trade. They are facilitating the circulation of knowledge and information. Conferencing services, desktop sharing, video conferencing and our suite of international access numbers enable communication from over 160 global locations and help people close deals. Technology has endorsed collaboration across different geographical borders and has also broken barriers to entering markets globally.

What do you think is the most common mistake resellers make when selecting vendors?

I don’t think they make mistakes, every business I work with are made up of exceptionally talented people with a great business model behind them. A common misconception is that it’s better to deal with a vendor direct which often means that the power to leverage scale and influence is lost. Our vendor consolidation service means that customers can gain the purchasing power of multiple operators in one place delivering an increased vendor focus in service levels, network quality and most importantly, commercial leverage. All managed by us with accountability and exceptional service levels.